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Tree planting isn’t enough!


Unlocking the full potential of rewilding requires a deep understanding of ecosystem intricacies. 


Effective monitoring, as recognized by WWF, is crucial. For example, in their mangrove project, they leverage AI to analyze vast data from living organisms, aiding with informed decisions for flourishing ecosystems.


The same approach can be achieved on land with bees. Honey bees are highly sensitive to land changes and agriculture practices, impacting their safety and foraging. At Beefutures, we champion bee-centric monitoring in rewilding initiatives using sensors in-hive, continuous video monitoring and AI. 


Analyzing this data ensures rewilding truly benefits pollinators, fostering diverse pollen supplies for thriving bee populations.


Join the mission to revitalize ecosystems and safeguard biodiversity with AI and nature’s wisdom. 

Attribution: Image by kuritafsheen77 on Freepik