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What is beefutures ?

We combine biotechnology, data science and our 30 years beekeeping know-how to craft game changer beekeeping tools. At the start we work on making the bees much healthier.


We apply a breakthrough biotechnology to boost the bee´s immunity and their metabolism

Thermal treatment

We are reinventing thermal treatment to eradicate without chemical the #1 bee enemy, the varroa mite

Digital Beekeeping

We combine healing & defense solutions with robotics, automation and AI powered digital monitoring

Why Beefutures ?

Safer pollination for the bees &
higher pollination efficiency

Our “super bees” have a weapon to survive toxicity,
long transportation & the stresses of
climatic conditions.

Reconnecting with a rewarding & sustainable beekeeping

With healthier bees & digital precision tool,
Beekeepers save time and can grow apiaries while making more and delicious honey

An environmental data catalog to feed science

The bee data from our hives provides real time insight into the world of bees and their interaction with the environment. Listening to what honey bees have to say about climate changes and our land use might help us understand better what happens to pollinators in the wild.

Our first products are in the making.

Our product line, called Onibi, is in final field tests phase with the Norwegian Beekeeping Association